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Critically-acclaimed, multi-talented, musician, producer and writer

Photo by Howard Rankin

My Story

Hi, I'm Jo, welcome to my website!

I remember Monday evenings being a burden to my nine year old, and somewhat less appreciative, self. My parents had signed me up for piano lessons and I was less than enthused! But who was I to disregard their wishes?


So, straight after school I would walk to Miss Wilson’s house and then, for half an hour - and often after my sister’s violin lesson - I would sit beside my teacher at a piano that sat against the wall in a small but cosy room. Miss Wilson, an elderly lady, taught traditionally, and with only a slight strictness that was surpassed by a natural warmth.  

I always left pre-lesson practice until the last minute and found the whole thing a bit of a chore until I found my creative streak… and then everything changed.


At 15 I wrote my first song and I haven’t stopped writing since! 


​I will always be grateful to my parents and to Miss Wilson. From my unenthusiastic learner beginnings I gradually developed a love for connecting the piano with my voice to shape my storytelling. And from there the whole concept has grown!


The desire to learn, create and tell stories has driven me into the ever-evolving realm of production, where a melody and tale can be brought alive by finding the best sounds to fit the theme. From those early slightly hesitant beginnings, music and writing - and a relentless desire to learn - has moved me to a whole new level.

Jo x

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