//  Origin:  Cambridgeshire, UK
//  Genres:  Singer/songwriter / Contemporary / Acoustic / Pop
//  Years Active:  2010 - Present
//  Website:  joashmusic.com

Jo Ash.  A working musician with a wealth of capability: critically-acclaimed, award-nominated, instantly recognisable, unique vocals, intricate piano, strong melodies and dramatic songs.  


Jo’s music is immersive.  Her songs comment on life as she observes and experiences it, sometimes with wry humour, sometimes with heart-felt introspection, and sometimes with both.  And when her imagination takes flight into the world of the unexpected they tell engaging stories of vampires, magicians and buried treasure! Audiences can’t get enough.


The Musician’s Union reviewed her debut album ‘Constellations’ and came up with 23 words that brilliantly sum up Jo and her art: “Singer-songwriter Jo Ash’s debut demands that we take notice. Jo’s balladry is unapologetically dramatic with swooping vocals perfectly suited to her gothic tales”.  


Jo is a consummate professional.  She has appeared on the BBC and other independent radio stations, and performs widely and regularly across the UK at festivals and other music venues.  Her live appearances have a sense of theatre which she has honed over the years, and a measure of the strength of her audience appeal is that whenever she performs somewhere new she is always asked back.

Jo is frequently joined on stage and in the studio by Nigel Turner on bass and Mike Wheatley on guitar, each of whom bring their own experience, view of the world and artistic spin to her music.  Together they form 'The Jo Ash Trio', and their musical arrangements provide audiences with an additional dimension to Jo's spellbinding original compositions. 

“Jo’s voice and its range stops you in your tracks.”.  

Michael Pipe, Music Promoter, 2018.


“Jo Ash was just wonderful … playing amazing songs with charm, passion and verve. I was simply mesmerised”.

Howard Rankin, Cambridge Rock Festival


“...a brilliant writer and a spellbinding performer…had the audience totally captivated”. 

Karen Angela, Kontra Roots event

Gallery photo credits: Howard Rankin, Trevor Cotterell, Chaz Cozens and Angela Stonebridge